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 Warranty and Service

Scope of Warranty
The warranty rule is applicable to all generating sets supplied by FKS Power.The warranty is only effective under the condition that the generator set is correctly installed, used and maintained, and the malfunction(the malfunction can be repaired by warranty service) is caused by defects ofmaterial or manufacture process.The warranty period is 12 months or accumulatively running one thousand hours, since the shipment date (include the transportation and installation time,or the long time period of being idle). Termination date of the special warranty period is determined by one of the above time limitations which expire first.

Responsibility of FKS Power
FKS Power is responsible for the all replacement parts (customer need provide the proof of the malfunction parts) within warranty period.In order to analyze and find out the root cause of malfunction of generator set,for the severe malfunction such as breakdown of cylinder body, crank shaft and connecting bar, or winding of the alternator’s rotor is loosen, mentioned parts could not be disassembled or repaired the product without FKS Power approval.

Responsibility of customer
Customer shall be responsible for the cost of lubricating oil, anti-freeze,anti-rust, filter element, hose, strap, fuse and indicator lamp ball which is used to eliminate the malfunction and other costs of maintenance.Customer is responsible for providing the authentic record of maintenance and repairing during the period of operation. 
In addition, we also provide pre-sales technical consulting, generator set operation training, and all other related service. FKS Power people always consider after-sales is our extremely important part of sales, so we provide excellent after-sales service and spare parts support for the generator sets within 24/7 availability with country wide and an extensive spare parts stock. 

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